Stopping Disruptive Behavior

Stop disruptive behavior with three carefully worded questions! Teachers and administrators will enjoy this effective strategy for dealing with problem behavior from K-12 students. Learn to lead the students through a process that promotes a solution they create and will accept. Create effective classroom management plans and discover how the Safety, Order and Rights value set will help clarify and define wanted and unwanted behaviors. Watch demonstrations and practice the strategies you can use in your classroom today! 

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Stopping Disruptive Behavior


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I liked the idea that I could be more in control and have a 5 Step system that would be straight to the point without the verbal bantering back and forth between student and the teacher. I know this takes too much time and generally nothing is accomplished until I give them a discipline or referral to the office. I appreciate knowing I can confront them and they can make the decision on what they plan to do. I valued the introduction of the Safety, Order, and Rights value set. During the 1st week of school we always discuss rules and safety in science and I feel your postings are straight to the point and cover many our needs and expectations in the classroom. After each student realizes the process and the rules they must follow to be apart of this plan I think we can easily get started. I will put up the 4 Be prompt, etc expectations and then have the students buy into the best set of class rules they come up with. A good discussion will narrow it down to your set of 3 good rules. It’s important the students fill apart of setting the rules for the class and then I can refer back to “their Class Rules” when I need them to re-focus and be respectful of the classroom environment. Your ideas are positive and reinforce what a teacher should be doing to keep the class operating at the highest level. Our classes are getting larger each year and meeting the expectations of individual growth and achievement are getting harder. Your ideas take this into consideration and this plan would benefit my organizational skills and classroom management. I like how positive and straight forward it is. It puts the student on the spot to make their decision from knowing what their choices are. Our school follows the PBIS Program for positive intervention and your class for “Managing Student Behavior” is very supportive of our goals with detailed instruction on the best way to implement it. Your instruction on early intervention, quick follow through and accurate discipline to match the disruptive behavior is very useful. Keeping detailed-accurate records and data logs with examples and expectations will be an advantage as I start my next school year. Over-all the 5 Step Verbal Technique will be my new approach. I hope this idea proves to be the most useful tool to have better control and less confrontations between the teacher and the student. I value my teaching time and the students try to sabotage the schedule by getting me off task to focus on their individual needs. Your ideas and plan will be very helpful and I look forward to using them. (AZ)

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