Rights and Responsibilities in the Disciplinary Process

This course will guide teachers and administrators toward understanding their school’s discipline policies and to better understand and manage disruptive and violent behaviors. It is designed to help create and maintain save and orderly environments. Participants will identify the practical and legal definitions of force as well as their rights and responsibilities, particularly regarding the use of physical restraint. They will also learn to correctly describe and document incidents and explore strategies and techniques that are preventative. This course is an essential tool for all school personnel.

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Rights and Responsibilities in the Disciplinary Process


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Mostly it was the fact that it was hard to find what our state provided for safe laws and requirements to keep everyone safe at school. Arizona is a gun carrying state and most of us know that. We also know that these weapons are not allowed on school grounds for our security and safety. I can find that in the code of conduct but not the use of the word force. The rules cover the students but not the teachers. I felt it was important to know how to fill out the forms and be sure to be extremely detailed with all the information. If we had to go to court to defend out actions then this is the report that could make the difference. Mainly, in these situations you have to think on your feet. I have a real need to go to school and see what we have in place. We send in referrals for student behavior but I’d like to see the long form and the book the represents this type of behavior and what our rights are as teachers. I’m sure we should have one but I’d now like to read it. I feel the Value Set plan is very important in helping the students be aware of what is expected of them. I feel it is a useful tool to set up the behavior expectations at the beginning of the school year and help them to understand why these expectations are important to the learning environment and to our safety as well. WE all have Rights but it important to help them realize if they don’t maintains those rights they are disrupting the rights of others. (AZ)


Rights and Responsibilities in the Disciplinary Process. One thing that I found most interesting is the legal definition of force. I was never aware that using such force on students, in a necessarily situation, could get the teacher in trouble. So, I was able to look into this topic like I never have before, and that brings up my awareness level. I found the information that is presented in this class very valuable. I found the responsibilities of the staff most valuable, as I will be able to abide by those rules successfully in my future dealings with my students. And I think this will enhance my ability to maintain Safety, Order, and Rights in my school for sure. This course really educate me and inform me my rights and responsibilities in the whole disciplinary process.  (CA)

The most interesting part for me was researching laws regarding use of force in my state and district. I learned a lot about the laws and how they apply to me. 2. I found many aspects of the course valuable, including reflecting on my own triggers and how to de-escalate potential conflicts. I also found the emphasis on documentation very valuable. Most valuable, though, is my new understanding of laws regarding appropriate uses of force in my state. 3. The information in this course clarified appropriate uses of force, what force is, and how to make sure my school’s policies and my actions are justifiable on a legal basis. I plan on sharing this information with my administrators and colleagues to help ensure that my school remains a safe place, and that we establish and maintain Safety, Order, and rights for the benefit of all students. (CA)


I found it most interesting that I could never find up to date information regarding the use of force in my school district. I would think that with all the violence in our schools now a days this information would be up dated yearly. Being able to focus on our limits as teachers was most valuable to me. Being a second year teacher and now teaching in a school district where altercations occur regularly I need to be aware of my limits as a teacher. Being a female teacher I don’t believe you will find me breaking up many fights but one never knows and of course the safety of my students is my number one priority. I am now aware of steps I have to follow when an altercation does occur, especially if I have to break up the fight. I will be looking to see if my school has an incident report form, if not I have the one from this course saved to my laptop.

I found the Michigan law and the revised school code to be the most interesting. It was very detailed and clearly spelled out what school personnel were legally permitted to do and under what circumstances. I also found the videos of Jesus Villahernosa, the deputy sheriff of Washington State to be very interesting. He clearly explained what excessive force is and when it is appropriate. His hands on demonstrations were valuable. The part of the course I found most valuable was about the documentation and the factors to include in the report. Our school does not have a form that is to be filled out, unless it pertains to an ESE student. I will definitely be printing a copy of the sample form that was given and use that for myself, if the occasion ever presents itself, but I will also be sharing it with my administration. Knowing to include the student’s age, height, weight, gender, and your perceptions of the incident about why force was necessary are valuable pieces of information that must be included. The information in this course has definitely made me more aware of what should and should not be done as far as placing your hands on a student. I think it will help me to maintain Safety, Order, & Rights by knowing all of the legalities and the alternatives to the use of force. I feel better informed and thus, will be able to share this information with my colleagues. (FL)

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