Coaching to Improve Teaching and Learning

Collaboration and communication are essential to meeting the goal of all students learning well. Coaching is a proven and practical vehicle for staff members, mentors and administrative evaluators to use in guiding each teacher to intentional best practice that will ensure student learning.  This course details the process of collaboration and communication that promotes quality outcomes in terms of student learning. By establishing a mutual purpose, mutual respect, individual commitment and using a variety of effective coaching communication skills, staff members can maximize the expertise, skill, and talent of coaching partners…. They learn from each other. management skills.

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Coaching to Improve Teaching and Learning


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I have learned so much about the coaching process and how to be an effective coach. I have learned that the relationship between the coach and the coachee is the most important first step in effective coaching. I have learned that coaching is not as much about telling the coachee what you see but asking them to reflect on what they saw happening and how it felt. It is a cooperative process. I have learned that coaching is a powerful way to help teachers become better teachers and be more aware of what and how their students are learning. It is important to be aware of what the enduring knowledge is that you are imparting to the students and then checking to make sure they are actually learning it. As the coaching session begins to come to a close, it is important to summarize what was discussed and talk about what will happen next. As always, maintaining the positive relationship so that both parties are receptive to new ideas and knowledge. CA

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