It’s Our 16th Anniversary!

April, 2017 is CE Credits Online’s 16th Anniversary of delivering high-quality, 24/7 online professional development to educators.  We were one of the very first to create online courses and an asynchronous LMS to deliver completely online courses, all university accredited, 24/7, work at your own pace and facilitated throughout each course.

We are proud to have been an innovator and leader in the field of online professional development for K-12 educators for 16 years.  We are still here, continuing to create more university-accredited courses that make a difference in your classroom.  Thank you, those of you who have supported us over these many years, and welcome to those of you who have not yet taken a course from us.  All our courses are eligible for university credits, and many districts both list us as a resource and give specific credits for our courses (for example, Salary Points in Los Angeles Unified School District, P Credits in New York City, DOE ASPDP, Clock Hours in Washington State, Lane Credits in Chicago).

We know your time is your most precious commodity.  Your challenges are many, and the requirements and tasks assigned to you are even more.  We strive to help you in every way we can—quickly grading your assignments, providing excellent customer support, turning in all your paperwork to either your district or the university of your choice so that you move through the courses easily and get the credits you desire with as little muss and fuss as possible.

This year, for a short time, we are having an event to celebrate 16 years of providing professional development to educators nationwide. Let’s Celebrate!

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