A Year in Review

This year has been one of growth and evolution for us at CE Credits Online. We debuted the following 4 courses, and we’re pleased to learn that so many of you have found them relevant and plan to apply what you’ve learned in your classrooms.

Bullying and Beyond: Tools for Understanding and Engaging 21st Century Students as Dual Citizens

  • “This was an extremely practical course with several ideas for lesson plans that will benefit my classroom community.” – 2016
  • “This is one of the most valuable courses that I have taken in a long time. I will be incorporating several of these lessons into my SIED SEL program this upcoming year!” – 2016

Engaging Parents Effectively to Remove Barriers to Learning

  • “The course provided valuable information regarding interactions with parents.” – 2016
  • “I thought the course was great! I will definitely be using the techniques that I learned in the class.” – 2016

Every Educator an Advocate

  • “The course was a very valuable resource in understanding IEP’s, 504 Plans and the rights of special education students and parents. It was well organized, easy to follow and had an appropriate amount of work.” – 2016
  • “Great overview of the special education and 504 processes. I wish everyone in my building would take this course!” – 2016

Nimble Transitioning: Integrating Response to Intervention, Professional Learning Communities and Differentiating Instruction to Improve Teacher Effectiveness and Student Outcomes

  • “I had knowledge about the topic going into the course. This course helped me to synthesize and organize the concepts taught so that I can better see how all of these concepts work together. My understanding of the interconnectedness of the concepts taught has greatly improved.” – 2016
  • “Nice refresher for RTI, PLC, and all the other stuff. Used in class and meetings already and will continue to use lessons in my practice.” – 2016

Thank you to all of our participants! We look forward to bringing you all new and relevant courses, resources and tools in the future. To get course announcements and promotion information first, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter today.

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