A Message from our President

It is hard to believe 2016 is upon us.  2015 seemed to fly by, and it seems the years go by more quickly these days than in the past and 2015 is no exception.  There always is so much to do and not enough time to do it all!  Perhaps 2016 will bring more peace, more cooperation and a greater sense of shared purpose for all of us.  This is my hope for all of us.  My New Year’s resolution is the same this year as every year—to do the best I am able while remaining optimistic and brave.  At CE Credits Online we strive to create courses that will help educators improve and enhance their instructional strategies, integrate new and demanding district goals and initiatives and, ultimately and ideally, help each participant’s students achieve their maximum potentials.  We believe technology offers a multitude of opportunities to optimize learning, so we also strive to incorporate technical innovations that we believe will best serve you as an adult learner and someone whose time is already stretched. This way your time spent learning with us is convenient and effective.

Every month our newsletter highlights one or more of our courses and each newsletter also offers one or more discounts on the featured course or courses.  We recommend you subscribe to the newsletter (no cost) so you don’t miss the featured articles and discounts.

Upcoming:  A 3-credit course that will focus on successfully teaching and understanding the challenges faced by children growing up in poverty.  For the first time since statistics have been kept, over 50% of today’s children in public school are eligible for reduced or free meals.  These children face a multitude and range of challenges that profoundly affect their ability and motivation to learn.

Look for this course to be available in March, 2016.

So goodbye 2015 and welcome 2016.  We wish all of you a healthy, peaceful, joy-filled year.  And we hope to see many of you in one or more of our online classrooms.

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