Focus On!

Bullying and Beyond:

Tools for Understanding and Engaging 21st Century Students as Dual Citizens

This course discusses the legal framework and defines such key terminology as bullying, cyber-bullying and discriminatory harassment. We can assume that many students will have experienced at a minimum online aggression either as a bystander or victim. This is true because statistics support the conclusion that online harassment/bullying is increasingly common and underreported.

In this course you will be challenged, encouraged, and further equipped to connect with 21st century learners on a number of levels. You will learn about the importance of making a plan for transition at a time of tumultuous change. You will learn about the standards for educators and students regarding use of technology and the positive influence you have on your students, and on their learning environment. You will learn about the many misdirections to avoid as well as the essential elements of an approach that will simultaneously address many concerns educators have about designing a positive, safe, 21st century learning environment for all students. Along the way you’ll be supported in your own reflection process and provided tools to apply in your context, including lesson plans you may use to deepen your students’ understanding of appropriate communication in the “digital world” and the real world.

For more information and to enroll, follow this link: Bullying and Beyond


“What I found most interesting was the information relating to the effects of trauma on the brains of children. The fact that stress related to trauma creates toxins in the brain is especially troubling and sad. What I found most valuable was the chapter on mean vs nice and the fact that it can be turned into lessons that make students reevaluate their interactions with each other. Having students look back at their actions and think about the impact it had on their classmates makes for a better classroom climate. It makes students evaluate their actions, which can then have the effect of them changing their behavior. Having the knowledge that some portion of my students will have gone through trauma, I can better prepare lessons and interactions that will accommodate their needs.”

“I learned so much from taking this class. The information I found most interesting and the most valuable was about Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs) because I was in shock. Negative events and stressors has a great impact on a child and we often think “Oh, they won’t remember” or “they’re too young to understand”. Honestly, I remember things that happened in my life since I was three years old and when I tell my mom the stories, she’s in shock. Those life events definitely molded me into the person I am today but I had some rough patches growing up because of those events. As an educator, I am more aware of how my classroom should be (culture and climate) and it’s so important. Also I learned more about bullying as well as the internet and from the eight essential questions, I think the most important is the one where it says we can’t control what others say but we can control what we say.”


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    1. Hello Stacie, to get started on this course follow this link.

      The retail price for this course is $375; however, to celebrate it’s launch it is on special for $249 all month! Just be sure to use the promo code “Sept15” at checkout!

      If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us! Cheers!

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