How to Prepare for the New School Year

Back To School—Already!

  1. Enjoy the last days of summer!
  2. Re-commit to being the best teacher you can be.
  3. Remember, it is you who has the greatest impact on how well all your students will learn. You may be the one teacher who changes a child’s entire life. You can be the teacher who opens many doors for all your students.
  4. Check your greatest competencies and your weakest ones. Make a plan to improve them both. Whether you are a new teacher or a veteran, there is always more to learn that will make your job more rewarding and improve your students’ outcomes.
  5. Consider working with colleagues to build an environment that fosters success, problem solving and rewards innovative and effective strategies.

CE Credits Online has courses that cover Classroom Management, Behavior Management, including Bullying and Beyond, Effective Parent Conferencing and Communication, Differentiating Instruction, Lesson Planning, Peer-to-Peer Coaching for Improved Effectiveness, Instructional Strategies and how to teach English Language Learners.

Best of all, all CE Credits Online courses are available for a number of different kinds of credits, including graduate-level university credits—check your state and district on our site.

All courses are On Demand and Work at Your Own Pace, so you can learn, reflect and practice when it is most convenient for you. All courses have one-on-one feedback with your own moderator.

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