The CECO High 5!

Here at CE Credits Online we are dedicated to providing graduate level, continuing education courses for educators at their convenience. Not only that but we are striving to bring you relevant education content across all of our social media channels. Maybe there was a video that would help you visually give a lesson, or an article with useful resources and ideas, we don’t want you to miss out on anything that could better your classroom. So we have started a weekly top 5 list. This list will contain our favorite 5 education articles, videos, resources, etc from the week. Enjoy!

1. Do you have a problem area in your classroom? Does order seem to fly out the window every time you ask your students to perform a certain task? Check out this teacher’s solution.

2. This teacher shares his creative routine for getting class started each day. His students are quickly engaged and ready to start learning!

3. Instead of using technology in your classroom simply for the sake of being modern, learn how to use technology to promote better understanding. This article shares seven ways to use technology with purpose.

4. This is another article that shares strategies to use technology in your classroom to promote critical thinking skills without sacrificing the basics.

5. Although unfortunate, cheating has always been present in school. In some ways, advancements in technology have made cheating easier than ever before. This article shares 8 ways to prevent cheating in the digital age.

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