Got Toxic Stress?

What is your community’s story of “toxic stress”? Looking for tools to support educators who are committed to responding compassionately to the needs of students, families and community contending with adversity or trauma?

Watch the following trailer for a documentary being released soon by film-maker Jamie Redford (Robert Redford’s son) that describes one community’s efforts to respond to toxic stress –  and ask yourself,

“What is my child’s teacher and school system doing to provide a research-based response to the toxic stress levels experienced by the youth in our community’s schools?”

CE Credits Online has several courses, including Creating Compassionate Schools,  that would be excellent for districts looking to increase capacity of professionals to:

  • Recognize “good stress” from “toxic stress”
  • Provide strategies to educators and students
  • Understand the nature of “adverse childhood experiences” (ACE’s) and their impacts on a learner’s brain
  • Brain-based approaches that help all professionals in the school system understand the complexity of a child
  • Provide a cycle of inquiry that asks, “What happened to this child?” and “How can I help?” instead of, “What’s wrong with this child?”

Please let us know if you would like to collaborate on providing a response to toxic stress and ACE’s experienced by learners in your community schools.

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